I have always been very pleased with the service given at super eagle car care. the staff is always friendly and cordial.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 12/2/2017

Go hum, another 5 star review for Super Eagle, I’ve been using them since about 2002 ? Never had a complaint, never had an issue, always great customer service. I currently own a 2007 Ford Fusion with 216,000 miles on it. Runs great thanks to them. Why have I stuck with them for so long? Ex wife had gone to the Toyota dealer to get a problem taken care of, dealer wanted over $2200 in repairs done. I told her to wait and get a second opinion. Went to the guys at Super Eagle, they told her she only needed $700.00 in repairs, some of the rest was not needed at the time, and the remaining was not needed at all, saved us $1500 at the time and proved to me that they don’t take advantage of people who don’t know enough about their cars. Will be a lifetime customer of them.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 12/2/2017

We drive 45 minutes one way to have our cars serviced here because of the integrity of the staff. I think they are extremely busy right now. One issue we asked them to check on the volvo was not mentioned. I'm sure it was just an oversight and perhaps nothing that could be done. It was the window in the back that would not stay up. Overall, we have been very happy with our service.

4 Super Eagle Auto Care 12/1/2017

As always, Super Eagle exceeded my expectations! Many thanks for being a trustworthy resource whenever I need vehicle repairs!

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 11/30/2017


4.5 Super Eagle Auto Care 11/25/2017

I am so thankful I have a mechanic that I can trust.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 11/9/2017

Last minute service and new battery. Not a problem for Super Eagle. The best because they are honest and reliable.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 10/25/2017

Professional and efficient.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 10/20/2017

Professional treatment. Went second mile to make sure the problem was fixed right. I trust their work.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 10/12/2017

They were very accommodating. When the issue I had scheduled for wasn't going to be done while I waited and they found another issue, they quickly obtained transportation for me.

5 Super Eagle Auto Care 10/11/2017